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Preparing for Your Baby

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Free Prenatal

Meet & Greet

Preparing for Your Baby


Preparing for your baby's arrival is an exciting time that can raise questions about the health care your child will receive. A prenatal pediatric meet & greet is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the physician who will care for your child and also allows you to inquire about the doctor’s philosophy of caring for infants, children and teens. This also gives you a chance to learn details about how the office operates and is a great opportunity for your doctor to get to know you as well.

Pediatric Meet and Greet

ARC Pediatricians are available for personal or group Meet & Greet Video Visits. We know choosing a doctor to take care of your baby and guide you through their growth and development is a very personal decision. We encourage you to read about our doctors and arrange for a face-to-face visit, even virtually, so you can choose one who gives you comfort.

Joining an ARC Prenatal Meet & Greet gives you the opportunity to meet the pediatricians at our ARC clinics. You can inquire about the doctors’ philosophy of caring for infants, children, and teens and then choose the best fit for your family. We also review our office operations and what we do at ARC to make health care easy, like 24/7 phone nurses, 24/7 online scheduling, and evening and weekend availability for sick visits and well-child checks. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Pediatric Meet & Greet is a free service provided by ARC for new and expecting parents.

Topics often discussed:

  • Health and Safety

    • Feeding plans of the mother, breast or formula
    • Well child check-up schedule
    • Newborn screening tests
    • Immunizations and their importance
    • Family and prenatal history
    • Safety and anticipatory guidance
  • Access to care and parent-physician relationship

    • How to contact the office during the day
    • How to access medical care after hours
    • How coverage works when your doctor is unavailable
    • When you should call the doctor
  • Common questions to ask

    • Do you accept my insurance?
    • What are the hours of this clinic?
    • Do you offer same-day and after-hours availability for sick visits?
    • What kinds of visits can I do by telemedicine?
    • If I go to another ARC clinic will the doctor be able to see my child’s records?
    • Who do I call if I am worried about my baby or child in the middle of the night?
    • What is your philosophy on breastfeeding, vaccinations, sleep, circumcisions, discipline, screen time, and other important topic to your family?
    • Who will examine my baby in the hospital after the birth?
    • What is the general schedule for well-baby visits beginning with the first after coming home?
    • Am I able to access my child’s records online?
    • Do you prefer to communicate by phone or patient portal?
    • Are there separate waiting rooms for sick and well children?
    • Do you have any sub-specialties?

Prenatal Meet & Greet with ARC Pediatricians
Choose a group teleconference or individual visit

A prenatal pediatric meet & greet is a free service provided by all ARC pediatricians. It is an excellent opportunity for you to ask pertinent questions about bringing your newborn home and pediatric care at ARC. We encourage you to attend the group teleconference as it allows you to meet some of our physicians and helps you choose the doctor who will partner with you in the growth and development of your child. You can start with the questions outlined in the above section about selecting a pediatrician and add any others you have. You can choose your preferred meet & greet:

  • Group Teleconference: The 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm
  • Individual Visit: One-on-one visit with a pediatrician in-person or by televisit

We'll help you book the Prenatal Meet and Greet that works best for you. Just answer a few questions below to get started.

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Would you prefer a one-on-one visit with an ARC Pediatrician? There is no charge for this visit and you can choose an in-clinic or telemedicine visit.

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Additional Information

Locations where ARC Pediatricians provide the newborn examination

Families that deliver their baby at other area hospitals than those listed above will have a non-ARC provider see their baby while in the hospital. They can then schedule their baby’s first visit with their ARC Pediatrician at their first visit out of the hospital. Families that deliver their baby at a birthing center or at home should talk with their chosen pediatrician about when they should be seen for their baby’s first visit.

Lactation Services

If you choose to breastfeed, your ARC pediatrician and care team can provide advice and recommendations. We also partner with The Breastfeeding Success Company (BFS) to support you with specialized educational materials, classes, and visits with a lactation consultant if necessary. BFS is a local group of board-certified lactation consultants, NICU registered dietitians, and childbirth educators. Your pediatrician can refer you to the services you need.

Pediatric Health Resources


Locations & Providers