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Instrument-Based Vision Screeners 

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Instrument-based vision screeners detect vision disorders before your child can say A-B-C 

One in 20 children are at risk for permanent vision loss due to vision disorders. While 80% of vision disorders can be prevented and treated, the challenge is to detect risk factors early enough – as early as 12 months old – when most pediatric patients cannot read an eye chart. 

A new photo screening instrument now in every ARC clinic with a Pediatric specialty, can detect abnormalities like amblyopia, when the brain fails to process inputs from both eyes and, over time, favors one eye over the other, leading to a lifelong deficit in binocular vision.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends instrument-based vision screening for the risk factors of amblyiopia that can contribute to early learning difficulty and lead to permanent vision loss as an adult. Risk factors include:
  • eye misalignment
  • abnormal eye shape 
  • near and far sightedness
  • unequal vision between the eyes
Patients identified as at-risk can be referred to an ophthalmology specialist who can administer a complete eye exam and determine a treatment plan. Screening can be done as early as 12 months of age through 5 years of age. 

Have you noticed any of the following in a child in your care? 
  • red, crusted, or swollen eye lids 
  • closing or covering one eye
  • excessive blinking · difficulty doing close-up work 
  • head tilting when studying something visually
  • squinting 
  • watering of eyes 
  • holding objects close to eye
  • complaining of blurry objects
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