One Size Does Not Fit All: Finding the Right Hearing Aid with ARC Audiology

When asked about his hearing aids, Wayne K. says, "I exist just because of them. Without them, I wouldn't be worth two cents. With them, I'm fat, sassy, and happy."

Hearing Loss No Longer Affects ARC Audiology Patient's Quality of Life

"Before the hearing aids, I was missing all of the soft sounds and so much of what life is about," Carolyn recalls life before ARC Audiology stepped in to help.

Patient Enjoys Live Music Again Thanks to ARC Audiology

For Monty V., hearing aids were a great fit from the start. "I had absolutely no adjustment period," she says. "I put them in and I have adored what I hear ever since." Read Monty's story on how hearing aids transformed her hearing health.

Years of Hearing Loss No Match for ARC Audiology

"I never paid much attention to my hearing loss," says Glen M. "I knew there were things that I couldn't hear anymore, but I figured that was part of getting older." Read about Glen's journey to improved hearing health with ARC Audiology.

Hearing Aids Don’t Just Amplify Sounds, They Also Clarify

When “theater enthusiast,” Mike, lost his hearing aids, he was amazed and grateful that it took just “a couple of days” for ARC’s Dr. Amy Mullin to have a new pair ready for him, just in time for a theater performance.