All non-sensitive normal and sensitive normal test results are available to view on ARC MyChart within 1-3 business days of your doctor's office receiving the results.

How does the Test Results Release Schedule work in MyChart

  • Test Results released to the patient can be viewed on MyChart via the Test Results option from the My Medical Record tab.

  • If you are an active ARC MyChart patient, your provider will communicate your non-sensitive normal lab results only through your MyChart record. 

  • If your non-sensitive and sensitive test is abnormal, you will receive a call from your care team before the result is released on MyChart. You can expect to see these results within 2 weeks after speaking with your care team.

  • Imaging (X-rays and Films) are not viewable from your MyChart account. Patients will be able to view the written reports from their provider.

  • Outside test results that have been scanned into your record can only be viewed in MyChart if you doctor releases it to MyChart.

  • Access your test results by clicking the Test Results button in the navigation.