What is Happy Together in ARC MyChart?

Happy Together allows you to see your MyChart health information from your other active MyChart accounts all in one place.

How does Happy Together in ARC MyChart work?

Link accounts by going to [Profile] > [Manage My Accounts].

Happy Together screenshot

What can I see when I link MyChart accounts through Happy Together?

When you link your accounts, you can see:

  • Allergies
  • Health Issues
  • Medications
  • Test Results
  • Appointments and Visits*
    *your account at the other organization must be active to view test results and visits.

If you see this icon:Happy Together screenshot icon, that means that the information you are seeing is from another organization. You can hover over this icon to see which organization has the information on file. It will also show you that provider’s contact information.

Will I get notifications from providers outside of ARC?

When you have notifications from another provider, you will see them through ARC MyChart as well.

notifications from providers

If you have Caregiver Access to a child or other family member through ARC MyChart, you can also see their information from other organizations if you also have caregiver access to them there.

Each organization uses MyChart a little differently, so what you can see or do through this new function depends on each organization’s settings.