The main core values of the Population Health Program are:

  • PERSONAL PHYSICIAN: Each patient has an ongoing relationship with a personal physician who offer continuous and comprehensive care.
  • PHYSICIAN-DIRECTED MEDICAL CARE: The personal physician leads a team of individuals who collectively follow the ongoing care of each patient.
  • COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH: The personal physician provides for all the patient's health care needs, reminding the patient about needed services or arranging for care from other health professionals. This includes care for all stages of life including acute care, chronic care, preventive services, and end-of-life care.
  • COORDINATED CARE: The Population Health team coordinates the care patients need such as specialty care, hospitalizations, and diagnostic testing.
  • QUALITY AND SAFETY: ARC already provides safe and quality care providing care to patient in the Greater Austin Area since 1980. Find out more about quality initiatives at ARC.
  • 24/7 ACCESS TO CARE: All patients at ARC already receive extended access to health care. Find out more about our 24/7 promise to our patients.
  • ENHANCED ACCESS TO CARE: Population Health participants receive enhanced access to care through all of the benefits listed above