ARC Healthiness offers long-term clinical support to help our patients attain a lifetime of better health.

We offer two main weight loss plans:

ARC also provides Bariatric Surgey and Medical Nutrition Therapy visits.

Compare and contrast our different Healthiness plans and find the one that will works for you. Click one of the options below to learn more and find out how to get started.

Healthiness Plan Overview 

 Plan Details


Ideal Protein

Bariatric Surgery


ARC physician and health guide supervision  
Full meal replacement    
$120 - 140 per week for products    
Expected weight loss of more than 50 lbs      
Plan duration 4+ months minimum       
Partial meal replacement      
Expected weight loss of 30 - 40 lbs      
Plan duration 6+ months minimum       
Expected wt loss of more than 100 lbs      
Supervised by a dietitian      

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