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Centrally located in Austin, Texas, Austin Regional Clinic offers research opportunities to the greater Austin region.

Clinical Research Current Study Opportunities

Learn about current research opportunities and why volunteering in clinical research is so important. Current Study Opportunities Are you interested in a particular study opportunity? Information about current study opportunities can be found on the page with the condition in question.

For more additional information and how to participate submit the request form online or contact us at 512-225-5931.


  • Pediatric Chickenpox Vaccine Study

    • This study is looking at different strengths of a potential new investigational vaccine against chickenpox. The study will look at how safe the vaccine is and will also determine whether it works to help prevent chickenpox in children. Children who are 12-15 months of age, in good health, and have received the first 3 doses (primary series) of a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine may qualify.

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  • Pediatric Meningoccoccal Vaccine Study

    • Meningococcal disease refers to any illness caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitides. This includes Meningitis, an infection of the brain/spinal cord and Septicemia, an infection of the bloodstream. Both are very serious and can become deadly in a matter of hours. If left untreated, meningococcal disease can lead to deafness, brain damage, or can even be fatal.

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  • Pediatric Migraine Study

    • ARC will recruit patients from across Central Texas to enroll in this late phase clinical trial nicknamed “PIONEER-PEDS1.” This study intends to look at an investigational medication called Lasmiditan in reducing the pain of migraine headaches in children and adolescents.

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