Below are the answers to commonly asked questions about clinical research. Click the questions below to learn more about participation. If you have additional questions, complete this online inquiry form.

                • What does it cost to participate?

                  Nothing; participation in our studies is at no cost to you or your insurance. You may receive compensation for your time depending on the study you are participating in.
              • What else is in it for me?

                All of your study medications, lab tests and health evaluations are provided at no cost to you or your insurance. There is no cost for the study-related care provided by the research physician, nurse and staff. You may also have access to study treatments and medications that may not be available outside a research study. You also may receive the satisfaction of helping others by advancing medical science.
        • Will I be a guinea pig?

          No. ARC is involved in research which we think can potentially benefit the participants and/or the community as a whole. Any medication you have ever taken has been researched in similar ways with the help of people who volunteer for research studies.
        • What will research prove?

          Research is the best way to determine what works best in preventing, detecting, and treating diseases. Some studies help find safer and more effective medicines than those currently prescribed while other studies compare commonly prescribed medications to determine which works the best and is safest.
        • What about side effects?

          Your health and safety are the top priorities. All medicines currently available have possible side effects that may be experienced by some. It is important to weigh the benefits and risks of taking any medications. Our research team is there to carefully track any side effects as well as benefits you may have.
        • Is it risky to participate in a study?

          Research standards are very strict; this helps to ensure the maximum safety to participants. Studies are designed to identify side effects and benefits. Although all medications can have side effects and risks, each study we conduct has been reviewed by teams of government and research experts to ensure the potential benefits outweigh any risks of the study.
        • What does my doctor think about this study?

          Clinical research is important to help advance medical science and improve the quality of healthcare. Our ARC doctors find value in what we can learn from Clinical Research and it often provides benefits to patients involved. Your decision to enter a study is optional and does not interfere with your ongoing care with your doctor and your ARC care team.
        • How do I sign up?

          Please submit a request online for additional information on how to participate.
        • What if I decide to not complete the study?

          Your involvement in any study is completely voluntary. You can stop at any time. This will not change your treatment by and relationship with your personal doctor.
        • What else should I know?

          Access to personal information collected during the study will be limited to the study team. We will share this information with your doctor if you wish. Participation will not change your relationship with your doctor.