Contraception Clinical Study

Austin Regional Clinic physicians constantly try to improve the care given to all our patients. We are dedicated to offering unique options for our patients and helping them reach their ideal health goals. Part of this dedication involves making clinical research available. Clinical research makes it possible to discover the benefits, risks, and safety of commercially available and investigational medications.

Research standards are very strict to help make studies as safe as possible. Teams of government and research experts have already reviewed each study we conduct to minimize any study risks. Austin Regional Clinic has decided to be involved in this research study because we believe it can potentially benefit our patients.

What is the goal of the CALLIOP3 study?

CALLIOP3 is exploring whether a study medication called LPRI-CF113 is an effective birth control for women ages 13-45.

What is the study medication and how does it work?

The study medication is a daily hormonal birth control pill. It has been tested in adult women and has shown no evidence of harmful side effects. The study medication is currently considered investigational. This is because it has not been reviewed and approved by regulatory agencies such as the FDA.

The study medication is designed to prevent pregnancy by blocking the release of a woman’s egg. This may help reduce or stop monthly bleeds. The study medication may also avoid side effects such as weight gain and bloating.

All study participants will receive 12 months of the study medication at no cost.

Who can join the study?

Your child/loved one may be able to join the CALLIOP3 study if they are sexually active and have been regularly menstruating for at least 3 months.
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