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Sometimes Healthcare Isn’t Enough

Barbara Brooks, RN

My success story is about care coordination and motivation. My patient was referred to ACCC by Dr. Jadhav. She has a condition that gives her frequent diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. She has been hospitalized multiple times this year. She was in the ICU once as well. Her medical pattern of symptoms would start with diarrhea. As the diarrhea increased, she would get nauseous and start vomiting. Once she started vomiting, she would have a max 8-10 hours before she would become confused and in danger of passing out, not taking her medication, and unable to notify or seek medical attention for her symptoms. To try to control this, she would not eat regularly. When she would eat, she would eat a large amount of food and then become sick.

Also, she lost her husband a few years ago and this was very traumatic for her (he died in his sleep in their bed). She moved to Austin to be closer to her children and they are very supportive of her. Although she had family support, she continued to be depressed.

Since enrolling in the ACCC, she has changed her eating habits. She eats 5-6 small meals a day, has started making protein smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables, and has gained 7 lbs since her last office visit. She continues to deal with her depression and anxiety but is compliant with her medications, she has seen Gail McNeely and was referred to Senior Adults Specialty Healthcare to continue with behavioral health. At her last office visit, she informed Gail, Mandy and Myself that she felt better than she had in a long time. She also informed Mandy that she had not vomited in 2 weeks and it had been years since she had a long stretch with no vomiting. She had also taken a 1 week vacation where she sold a car that her and her husband shared. Although this seems like it would be hard on her, she was actually excited about this.

She is very pleased with the progress she has made in her health. She continues to stay motivated and willing to try new ideas to stay healthy and out of the hospital. It is amazing how small changes and a little extra time can really impact people and their health.

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