Shari & Jon Paul Fontenot

Dr. Maya Bledsoe is a very dedicated and caring physician. We tried for over a year to get pregnant with our first child with no success. We were referred to Dr. Bledsoe by my OB/GYN.

I already had a patient relationship with Dr. Bledsoe since she was my endocrinologist. After four months of doing IUI's, she found the right combination and we got pregnant. A couple of years later, to our surprise we got pregnant on our own. However, we had a miscarriage at eight weeks, then another miscarriage four months later. We went back to see her again and she was successful once more but we had another miscarriage.

Dr. Bledsoe was able to get us pregnant two more times and the last pregnancy produced a beautiful baby girl. I honestly believe that we have our two wonderful children because of her knowledge and dedication to her work. I owe her much more than words could ever say.

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Kristin & Ken Gibson

"Dr. Bledsoe helped us to conceive our three beautiful children and we feel very blessed."

Sharon & Pete Candelas

"Dr. Bledsoe provided me with realistic guidance and an invaluable partnership to which I attribute our success with the birth of our amazing daughter Gracie."

Cheryl Coldwater, MD

"Dr. Bledsoe is a kind, caring physician with a wealth of knowledge about endocrinology problems."