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Well Checks: An Opportunity to Look Ahead

Your child’s well checks are more than just a physical exam. They give you an opportunity to ensure that your child grows into a healthy young adult: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Well checks allow you to partner with your child’s doctor to evaluate developmental milestones from infancy through childhood, the teen years, and into young adulthood.

Goals for Young Children

In the early years, well-check visits give you and your child’s doctor an opportunity to track growth and development.

“I think they're critical appointments where we can gauge how well a child is developing and growing. And during those visits, I really enjoy talking to parents about tips and advice on how to help their child reach their full potential,” says Dr. Christine Hoang, pediatrician at ARC Cedar Park.

This consistent tracking allows you to identify the early signs of hearing, vision, or learning issues. Discovering these potential health issues early will lead to greater success for your child both in life and in school.

Adjusting to Adolescence

The milestones shift as your child ages. For adolescents, well check visits are an opportunity for your child to develop a trusting relationship with her doctor. This will give your child an informed, trusted adult with whom she can talk about puberty and changing social habits as the teen years approach.

“With social media, smartphones and tablets, I try to help your child understand how to keep it all in balance,” says Dr. Jacques Benun, pediatrician at ARC Manor. “To learn how to be with friends, play outdoors, do well at school, and to connect with parents.”

Opportunities for Teenagers

As your teen learns greater independence, this means a shift towards instilling a healthy lifestyle that will aid in better decision-making. This continues to include eating and sleeping well, staying active, doing well in school, and having consistent family time.

“Family time means eating together and spending quality time together because that will translate into habits that teens will carry with them throughout their adult life,” says Dr. Benun. “And they can, in turn, do the same thing when they have their own families.”

This is also an opportunity for you to give your teen and her doctor some one-on-one time. You want your teen to confide in someone you trust. If there are issues that your child will not discuss with you, this provides a safe, reliable source for your teen to ask questions and get answers that are informed.

Book a Well Check Visit, at Any Time

To book an appointment for your child, visit ARCcheckup.com. You can also allow your teen to make the appointment to give her a sense of independence and a glimpse into how easy it is with our new online scheduling tool – it lets her book directly into any doctor’s schedule.

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