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One-Stop Shopping for Medical Care Makes Sense

When you find a good mechanic, one trusted to keep your car running well, it makes sense to return to that mechanic for all your car’s needs.

When you need to buy a variety of foods and only have time to make one stop, it makes sense to go to a favorite grocery store that stocks most of what you need.

The same approach makes sense when it comes to your most precious need: your good health. In various ways, seeking care every time from the same, trusted medical provider helps ensure your continued wellbeing.

You’re In The System for Urgent and After Hours Issues

If you’re an Austin Regional Clinic patient who trusts ARC for primary care, going to ARC at night and on weekends for 24/7 Connected Care means two things. One, you’re treated by skilled doctors and nurses. And, two, it ensures your care information is updated in a single medical record, accessible to your ARC primary care physician.

No need to fill out new patient information forms; you’re already “in the system.” No need to get copies of medical records to share with ARC. No risk of unnecessary, duplicative tests that can be costly.

We Coordinate Your Care

It’s the same with specialty care. You trust your primary care physician (PCP) to treat illness, provide check-ups and manage your overall health. When your PCP refers you to an ARC orthopedist, podiatrist or other specialist, they can all access your full medical record, communicate easily with each other, and coordinate your care.

It’s Easy to Stay Connected

You can make appointments 24/7 online anytime or by phone. After Hours appointments and Same-Day appointments are available days, nights, weekends and holidays. And a fan favorite, you can view your test results, upcoming appointments, and messages from your doctor in our patient portal, MyChart.

Save Time and Money

Know what you’ll miss? Anxiety that a new doctor – specialist or “urgent care” physician – won’t fully know your medical history and might cost you extra time, money, and your health.

For easy access to your doctor, go to ARCappointments.com.

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