Doctor Crystal Berry-Roberts discussing women's health care and pregnancies

Women’s health care in TX: Recent rulings explained

Recent abortion legal actions handed down in Texas and by the U.S. Supreme Court have raised questions for residents. Crystal S. Berry-Roberts, MD, MBA, FACOG, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) at ARC South Ob/Gyn provides practical, factual answers to many of these questions about the effect the rulings have on women's health care, birth control, and options currently available in Texas in this recent interview with the Austin American-Statesman.

Among the subjects Dr. Berry-Roberts covers are answers to questions about birth control such as

  • If I don’t want to become pregnant, what should I do?
  • Is Plan B affected by the ruling?

And options for reproductive care:

  • What happens if I do become pregnant?
  • What about the abortion pill? Will that still be available?
  • What about an ectopic pregnancy?

Answers to these and other questions are in the article.

Get the facts on how the trigger law impacts women's reproductive health care

Dr. Berry-Roberts said anyone who wants to prevent a pregnancy should see their doctor or find a doctor if they do not currently have one.

"Go to where you can get the facts," she said. "What are your options and how will (the law) affect you?"

Stay connected with a health care provider

If you do need to end a pregnancy in Texas or outside of Texas, don't skip follow up care with your doctor, Dr. Berry-Roberts said, and don't forget to include it in your medical history. It's part of your overall health.

At Austin Regional Clinic, our specially trained Ob/Gyn physicians, physician assistants, and certified nurse practitioners work together to meet your healthcare needs. Find one near you or to make an appointment, book online.

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