This ARC Rheumatologist offers therapies to his patients for the present and for the future

“As a physician you want to be happy that your patients are happy and they’re able to do all the things they want to do. If you’re able to help them in that way, it’s a great feeling,” said Dr. Ricky C. Mehta, ARC Rheumatologist. Watch his video to learn more about Dr. Mehta.

Evaluating and Examining

Dr. Mehta says that his approach to treating each patient is two-pronged: evaluating and examining. He says, “My goal for patients is to first evaluate. I like to find out about the patient themselves; I like to know what the person does for a living, that kind information of can help contribute to the history and also the diagnosis.”

“The exam is very beneficial; usually a joint exam followed by a full physical exam,” Dr. Mehta continues. “From there, we can put the plan together of how we should treat the things acutely and then we’ll decide on long-term care.”

Prevention Now for Better Future Results

Dr. Mehta says, “My favorite thing about Rheumatology is that it is very rewarding.” He explains that it is an evolving field of medicine that has taken great strides when it comes to treatments available for patients for various rheumatology diseases. He says, “We have so many great medications out there that they can hopefully prevent joint replacements in the future, so we have great therapy to help prevent all those things.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Mehta’s video biography to learn more about his personal approach to each patient. You can make an appointment to see him by calling the clinics where he sees patients, or online.

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