The importance of an ARC Medicare Wellness Visit

“The whole goal of a Medicare Wellness Visit is prevention,” says Jeffrey W. Champ MD, Family Medicine, at ARC Southwest, in this episode of ARC DocTalk. “It is extremely important to address these things early before they become a problem.”

In a Medicare Wellness Visit, your physician is working to paint a picture of your current state of health and to create a baseline for future care. “The great thing about the Medicare Wellness Visit is that it’s 30 minutes. We have all this time to address these things,” adds Dr. Champ.

Preventive screenings

Medicare covers a number of other preventive services at no cost such as preventive cancer screenings, bone density measurement, and flu shots. “There are some screenings that you may have gotten when you turned 50, and we still review those,” says Dr. Champ. “We will also address things like frailty, nutritional deficiencies, fall risk, any potential cognitive decline. And for women we’ll do a bone density scan at 65.”

Dr. Champ says that your physician will check in with your on other aspects of your preventive health, saying, “Other types of screenings that seniors should be getting outside those addressed in a Medicare Wellness Visit are vision, hearing, and dental health.”

What is covered in a Medicare Wellness Visit (MWV)?

During a MWV, your doctor will review:

  • Height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Vision
  • All prescriptions medications and/or supplements you are taking
  • Immunizations for flu, pneumonia, and shingles

Your physician may also discuss:

  • Your physical activity and balance
  • Your hearing, memory, and any urinary issues
  • Any feeling of stress, anxiety, or depression

And your doctor might talk about if you need to schedule any other necessary tests like:

  • Mammogram and other cancer screenings
  • Bone density exam
  • Routine lab work

Remember, the best way to stay health is to stay connected.

Make your appointment for a Medicare Wellness Visit today

If you are a Medicare patient, don’t miss this opportunity for an annual wellness exam. Medicare plans provide this benefit at no cost to the patient. You are eligible for this assessment every 365 days. You can book a Medicare Wellness Visit on ARC MyChart, at or by calling 512-421-4881.

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