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Relying on Doctors From Stickers to Metal Plates

Connecting You to Care Anytime, Anywhere

Our patients rely on ARC Access for a lifetime of care. Watch how ARC Access has made a difference in Talya’s life from getting stickers as a toddler to metal plates as a teen.

Talya S. is sometimes “crazy busy” juggling school and playing soccer,and has had more than her share of soccer injuries. She has been an ARC patient “pretty much my whole life” and relies on her team of ARC doctors to help return her to health and the soccer field.

“The doctors at ARC have been extremely, extraordinarily, super helpful in treating my soccer injuries,” Talya says. “I always end up back on the field.”

Crazy Busy Senior

Talya balances AP classes, school clubs, and her passion for soccer as forward for her team, and loves the “freedom” she feels when she plays.

“Soccer has pretty much shaped the person who I am today,” Talya says. “The hard work, the resilience, the persistence . . . I just give it all I’ve got.”

Talya has also experienced an unfortunate downside of playing a contact sport: sprained ankles, broken fingers, concussions, a broken hip, and a broken toe.

On and Off the Field

“On the team I'm known as the one who always gets injured,” she says. “The worst one was a broken elbow that required surgery.”

After a series of injuries, Talya was thrilled to be back on the field. Unfortunately, her joy at being back was short-lived.

“Four or five minutes into the game, a girl came from behind and tripped my back leg. Next thing I know, I'm lying on the ground with my face in the dirt and my arm out to the side.”

From the Field to the ER

Talya was driven to the ARC After Hours Clinic but she was in so much pain she couldn’t leave the car. At the request of her mother, a nurse came out to look at Talya’s arm. The nurse sent Talya directly to the Emergency Room.

“ARC actually called the hospital and told them that we were coming,” Talya says, “so I had someone greet me with a wheelchair and arm sling, and wheel me into an open room.”

Immediately to Surgery

“Once the hospital took my x-ray, they saw that it required immediate surgery, so they asked who was my orthopedic surgeon,” Talya says.

She called orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Padalecki who cared for many of her soccer injuries from middle school throughout high school.

Using the ARC electronic medical record system, Dr. Padalecki looked at the x-ray from “wherever he was” on that Sunday night. He then recommended Dr. Lee M. Reichel, ARC orthopedic hand and elbow surgeon, for the surgery.

Meeting Dr. Reichel, the Hand and Elbow Surgeon

“I couldn't believe what was going on. And then, next thing I know, Dr. Reichel came into the room,” Talya says. “He made me 100% feel like I was going to be healed.”

After surgery, Talya was in the hospital for four nights. “Dr. Reichel checked on me multiple times a day during his breaks,”Talya says.

“To this day, two years later, he's asking me to bend and straighten my arm and wiggle it around. He is invested in me,” Talya says. “He cares about how my life is now.”

Her Doctor Stays Connected

During Talya’s next physical exam, to her surprise, Dr. Dominique J. Isaac, her primary care doctor, asked about her elbow.

“It was a big dramatic change in my life and it was nice to know that she knew it was going on,” Talya says.

A Future of Soccer, UT, and ARC

With her characteristic hard work, persistence, and resilience, Talya returned to soccer as soon as she was able. In the fall of 2019, she will be majoring in Business at The University of Texas at Austin while playing intramural soccer.

“In college, I will definitely continue to be an ARC patient,” Talya says. “From getting stickers when I was three-years-old all the way to my senior year in high school, ARC has had a huge, positive impact on my life.”

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