Protect yourself from fraudulent calls

Seems like fraud or spam phone calls are increasing. It’s often hard to tell when a call is legitimate. And it’s alarming to think someone is trying to get your information order to steal from you.

Phone scams are common, and they often prey on people's generosity or fear. In fact, nearly 1 in 6 Americans have lost money to a phone scam in the last 12 months.

Common scams include:

  • Fake charity appeals
  • Insurance, health care, or debt scams
  • Phony calls from the IRS
  • Lottery scams
  • Bank fraud calls
  • Family members in peril

ARC will not request personal information, such as your social security number, date of birth, bank account or other private information over the phone or email. If someone does contact you and ask for this kind of information, do not share private, personal information.

If you have any questions about a phone call or email from Austin Regional Clinic, please contact us at 512-ARC-INFO (512-272-4636).

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