Pflugerville Pediatrician Teaches You What to Watch For to Care for Your Child

“My goal as a pediatrician is to form a bond with the entire family, parents and the patients,” Dr. Ramla Ali said. She also strives to relieve your anxieties when your child is ill by helping you understand the symptoms to watch for, when to call for guidance, and when to come in for a visit or seek emergency care. Watch her video to learn more about how she cares for your child at ARC Pflugerville.

Relieve Your Parenting Anxieties

Children are complex and ever-growing and Dr. Ali knows that their illnesses can be equally as unique based on her experience working with children over the years.

“Education is key,” Dr. Ali said. “We can’t predict what direction an illness can go, but we can anticipate when additional care would be needed.”

Tracking Your Child’s Growth

Well check visits are an important annual visit that helps track your child’s development, maintain healthy growth, track potential issues from worsening, and prevent illness.

“If you can prevent an illness,” Dr. Ali said, “if your child knows the negative effects of decisions being made now, it goes a long way toward a healthy future.”

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“My favorite thing about being a pediatrician is there is never a boring day,” Dr. Ali said. “Being a doctor gives me the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives, in parents lives, and just doing something good every day.”

Watch Dr. Ramla Ali's video biography to learn more about her childhood desire to become a doctor, and how she does so by forming a bond with the entire family.

Meet Dr. Ali

If you would like an appointment for your child with Dr. Ali or you would like to meet her before the birth of your child:

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