Helping patients achieve their goals means this ARC Kyle Plum Creek Family Medicine physician has achieved his goal

“I want to feel like my patients and I are both working towards some goal together and so it always comes back to me asking my patients ‘What are your goals?’,” says Maheshwardeep "Sam" Singh, DOFamily Medicine physician at ARC Kyle Plum Creek. Watch his video to learn more about how Dr. Singh works with each patient to set and reach their goals at ARC Kyle Plum Creek.

Advocating for the Patient

When asked about his approach to treating patients and their families, Dr. Singh says, “Anytime I have a new patient, I ask them what would you like out of your doctor and our relationship will be based on that. I want to feel like we are working toward some goal together.” Dr. Singh says that he thinks it is important for he and his patients to goal-set together, and then that his role is to be their advocate in helping them reach that goal.

The Rewards of Achieving Goals

“I was drawn to Family Medicine even before I attended medical school,” says Dr. Singh. “Family Medicine drew me because it’s challenging but it’s also very rewarding personally for me and I just can’t imagine doing anything different.” Dr. Singh says that his patients’ happiness is what makes him happy. He says, “I tell my patients all the time nothing makes me happier than when I see my patients happy. When I get very excited I’ll give a patient a high five. That usually happens when something we’re doing is making a significant change in the patient’s life and I can see it on them that makes me very happy.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Singh’s video biography to learn more about his goal setting approach to each patient. You can make an appointment to see him by calling ARC Kyle Plum Creek at 512-295-1333, or online.

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