Get your physical before getting physical

Dr. Michael F. de Lota, Family MedicineARC Kyle Plum Creek addresses the pros of getting an annual physical in this recent issue of Austin Fit Magazine. He points out that “The annual physical serves as a proactive measure that can help you establish a baseline level of health and fitness, identify potential health risks, collaborate with your primary care physician on an overall health plan, and formulate specific health goals.”

What’s involved in an annual physical?

  • Medical history—“Part of the annual physical is dedicated to a comprehensive review of your past medical history and your family medical history — both of which play a significant role in your current and future health. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and depression and anxiety can be passed on from one generation to the next,” says Dr. de Lota.
  • Lifestyle—“The annual physical is also a great time to review your lifestyle habits such as tobacco and alcohol use,” says Dr. de Lota. “Other lifestyle factors discussed during your annual physical include diet and exercise, which offer an opportunity to determine your baseline fitness and identify areas of improvement.”
  • The Physical—“During the physical, your doctor will examine your height, weight and vital signs (i.e. blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate and temperature) — valuable objective metrics to assess your health, especially when measured over a period of several months or years,” says Dr. de Lota.
  • Blood work—“Blood tests checked during the annual physical can vary but typically include a complete blood count (CBC) for infections and anemia; a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) that checks electrolyte levels, liver and kidney function; a lipid panel to check your cholesterol levels; and the hemoglobin A1c to assess for diabetes.”

If you would like to schedule an annual physical with Dr. de Lota, do so online at or by calling ARC Kyle Plum Creek at 512-295-1333.

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