Audiologist, William B. Blunk at ARC South 1st in Austin

Directly helping people in need

We are pleased to welcome William B. Blunk, AuD, Diagnostic Audiology, to the Audiology team at ARC South 1st Specialty and Pediatrics. ARC Audiologists will assess your hearing needs, conduct comprehensive hearing tests and evaluation, and offer treatment recommendations for hearing loss and other disorders. If indicated from testing, ARC Audiologists can recommend hearing aids or assistive devices that can improve hearing for all ages.

Dr. Blunk says, “I have a passion for language and communication and decided to work in a field that supports those interests.” He continues, “Added to this Audiology allows me to directly help people in need.”

Focusing on patient needs

“My approach to practicing is to focus directly on the present needs of the patient,” says Dr. Blunk. He adds, “This means intense listening and always keeping the stated needs of the patient in the forefront of my clinical practice.”

Dr. Blunk’s health tip for patients? “If you can’t hear someone talking to you while wearing headphones, you are likely damaging your ears.”

In his free time, Dr. Blunk says, “When not working I am playing my guitar, going to see live music, or riding my bike around the lake.”

Make an appointment today

Dr. Blunk is currently accepting new patients. To make an appointment, call ARC South 1st Specialty and Pediatrics at 512-443-1311, or do so online.

Welcome to Austin Regional Clinic Dr. Blunk.

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