child after receiving covid-19 vaccine at Austin Regional Clinic

COVID-19 vax scheduling open for children 6 mo-5 yrs

ARC has sufficient vaccine from both manufacturers for all pediatric patients at all primary care locations and encourages parents to get their infants 6 months and older immunized, in addition to children ages 5-17 for whom vaccinations are available, and boosters as recommended by the CDC. Vaccinations are also available in the five ARC After-Hours locations.

Patients may schedule by phone and online:

  • Parents/Guardians with proxy can schedule through ARC MyChart
  • If parent does not yet have proxy for their child/children, they should visit
  • Those without MyChart can call the ARC COVID-19 Hotline, 866-453-4525, or any ARC primary care location and press 1.

“I have seen so many parents who are anxious to get their youngest children vaccinated so they can join older siblings and friends in school, daycare, and activities,” said Elizabeth Knapp, MD, Co-Chief of ARC Pediatrics. “Even though the risk for COVID-19 infection is not as high as an adult risk, it’s not zero, and vaccination certainly helps protect against severe illness and hospitalization.”

Visit the ARC website, or log in to ARC MyChart for updates, or follow ARC on social media - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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