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Cancer Was No Match for Carla

Quick action by Carla’s doctor of 10 years, Dr. Bryan Morrison, and general surgeon Dr. Edward Bombach, helped her beat breast cancer.

Meet Carla. Spunky and fearless, she wasn’t about to let a cancer diagnosis keep her or her spirit down. Quick action by Dr. Bryan Morrison, Carla’s Austin Regional Clinic family doctor of more than 10 years, put her in touch with Dr. Edward Bombach, ARC general surgeon, who didn’t waste any time putting a treatment plan together. See how access to connected care made a difference for Carla.

How Connected Care Worked for Carla

Connected care is a phrase that’s often used in health care, but what does such a lofty phrase mean? To Carla, connected care meant that the lump she felt on her breast one night while sleeping would get attention from all of the ARC resources available to her, and as soon as possible.

A Same Day Appointment and Mammogram

When Carla called her ARC doctor of more than 10 years, Dr. Bryan Morrison, he saw her the same day. He knew, the earlier he could see her, the better, since early detection of breast cancer can make the disease easier to treat.

Dr. Morrison then called ARC general surgeon, Dr. Edward Bombach, who was also able to see her right away. Carla then had a mammogram and biopsy done quickly.

“When we have many people involved, all pulling in the same direction, our outcomes are much better,” says Dr. Bombach.

People Really Do Care

Once the biopsy confirmed that Carla’s lump was cancerous, she received a call from her long-time ARC nurse, Debra, just to check in on her.

“And that's when you know that it goes far beyond being a patient on a chart. People really do care,” Carla said. “With ARC and the connected care that I received, I just walked away knowing that they got me, they had my back.”

Carla’s Message to You: Get Your Mammogram

Carla beat breast cancer and is in remission.

“If I had one thing to say to women around the world, I would say, get your mammogram,” Carla said. “Don't get so caught up in the day-to-day things that you don't take care of yourself.” Watch Carla’s story to get the advice straight from her and learn to “stare your bear down!” Do you have an ARC story of your own? Please share your experience with us, you could be our next ARC story.

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