Gastroenterologist Muhannad G. Al Hanayneh at ARC Northwest Hills Specialty

ARC gastroenterologist does what is best for the patient

Austin Regional Clinic is pleased to announce that Muhannad G. Al Hanayneh,MD, Gastroenterology, has joined the team at ARC Northwest Hills Specialty.

When asked about his choice of medical specialties, Dr. Hanayneh says, “I find gastroenterology very exciting, as it gives me the opportunity to help patients in many different ways, either in clinic or doing endoscopic procedures.” He adds, “I also enjoy taking care of patients with liver disease.”

Walk a mile in their shoes

Dr. Hanayneh says his philosophy of practice is simple, “Always do what is best for the patient and always put yourself in the patient’s shoes.”

Dr. Hanayneh has an interest in a wide range of gastrointestinal diseases as well as liver disease. He says his areas of interests include Barrett’s esophagus, acid disease, ulcer disease, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer screening, diseases of the anorectum, fatty liver disease, hepatitis treatment, and liver cirrhosis.

In his free time, Dr. Hanayneh enjoys “The outdoors, hiking, running, fishing/hunting, cooking or teaching my dog new tricks.” Prior to joining ARC, Dr. Hanayneh was an assistant professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, teaching fellows, residents and students.

His health tips for all patients? “Get screened for colon cancer as recommended by your doctor. It saves lives!”

For appointments with Dr. Hanayneh, call ARC Northwest Hills Specialty at 512-344-0450.

Welcome to ARC, Dr. Hanayneh!

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