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Lupus is a complicated and unpredictable disease. Flare ups can include joint and muscle pain as well as extreme fatigue and skin rashes.

Alana was diagnosed with lupus around 2005. At the time, she had a severe flare up during which she could barely walk. Since then, she participated in a series of clinical trials in Minnesota and Los Angeles with positive results. When she moved to Austin in 2012, she learned about the ARC Rheumatology clinical study.

Alana’s ARC “team”

Sitting on the sidelines was not an option for Alana. She stays active and combines Eastern and Western medicine to maintain her health. She started seeing Dr. Bunch in 2012 and joined a clinical trial for a new lupus medication.

Alana says she has her own “core team at ARC.” She feels Dr. Bunch knows her and genuinely cares about her, taking time to examine each of her joints and asking her how she is doing in general. She describes Dr. Bunch as “thorough and maternal.”

Alana also very much appreciates Lewis Phillips who heads the clinical trial department. She sees Lewis weekly for injections. If she ever has a problem, she calls Lewis directly and he gets her an appointment right away. When Dr. Bunch is out of the office, Alana sees Dr. Chadha who she feels also knows her well.

For Alana, having a team that knows and cares about her is new and she loves it.

Living well with lupus

While being part of the medication trial has made a big difference in Alana’s life, she does not depend entirely on her meds. Acupuncture, massages, and a vegan diet are part of her routine. And while she chose Austin for the warmer weather, she stays out of the sun, avoiding anything that can trigger her immune system.

Staying active is as important as healthy eating. Alana works out regularly at a gym and she runs. She enjoys running up the stairs at Mount Bonnell and taking long walks in Austin’s parks.

ARC Clinical Research looks at new ways to prevent, detect, and treat diseases, so patients like Alana can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

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