Treating Allergies of All Types

“For the standard allergy sufferer, the best thing is to be really proactive about treating the allergies,” says Dr. Elisabeth A. Clayton, Allergy and Asthma physician at ARC Bee Cave and ARC Dripping Springs. Dr. Clayton discussed standard allergies, as well as severe allergies in this inaugural airing of the ARC DocTalk on KVUE-TV this month.

During this health segment, Dr. Clayton talked about using immunotherapy to treat severe allergies. She says, “If you have severe allergies, we can desensitize your body to the things you are allergic to through allergy shots or allergen immunotherapy.”

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Clayton to discuss your allergies, you can do so online, or by calling one of these clinics:

ARC Bee Cave

ARC Dripping Springs

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