New ENT Physician Arrives at ARC Kyle Plum Creek

Gustavo A. Diaz-Reyes, MD, ENT, has joined the team at ARC Kyle Plum Creek. Dr. Diaz-Reyes grew up and finished medical school in Cali, Colombia, completing his residency, internship, and fellowships in the U.S.

Dr. Diaz-Reyes says that “Growing up, I viewed medicine, as I still do, as a profession that allows you to serve other people with a significant impact in their lives at a time of need.” He says he approaches every patient with the philosophy of “serving well, doing no harm, and treating patients as you would treat close and beloved relatives.”

In his leisure time, Dr. Diaz-Reyes enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and three young daughters. He also enjoys playing soccer or volleyball, hiking, as well as going to movies and concerts.

When asked what his number one piece of health advice is for patients and their families, Dr. Diaz-Reyes says “Do not smoke!”

Dr. Diaz-Reyes is currently accepting new patients at ARC Kyle Plum Creek. Call 512-295-1333 or go online to make an appointment.

Welcome Dr. Gustavo A. Diaz-Reyes!

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