Doctor Wants to be the Bridge to Better Health

“I want to be the person that a patient can come to with questions when nothing makes sense to them. I can be the bridge that helps them, both treat them and also help everyone else who treats them,” says Dr. Urmila Parthasarathy, doctor of osteopathic medicine.

The Bridge to Better Health

As a child, Dr. Parthasarathy, saw multiple family members struggle with various health problems. The struggles included dealing with the physical symptoms as well as the confusion they felt from not understanding the medical conditions.

“Not getting explained what was going on and why, seeing the struggles of things that in my opinion could have been perfectly preventable with proper,” Dr. Parthasarathy says.

Your Whole Person

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), Dr. Parthasarathy received extra training beyond what a medical doctor (MD) receives. This includes extra training in the musculoskeletal system–your body’s system of nerves, muscles, and bones that make up two-thirds of your body mass.

“My goal for patients is for them to understand how different health processes affect them in various parts of their life,” Dr. Parthasarathy says. “Because I'm a doctor of osteopathic medicine, we believe in a holistic perspective. We treat the whole person.”

The “whole person” approach to medicine also includes osteopathic manipulative treatment, where DOs use their hands to diagnose and treat illness and injury.

Easy Solution

“I want to listen to you. I want to hear what you have to say,” Dr. Parthasarathy says.

Sometimes, when you have an issue with a medication or treatment there may be an easy solution that will remedy whatever is causing the issue. Dr. Parthasarathy encourages patients to talk to her about their concerns.

“I always want to ask how are you doing on your medications. If there's something you didn't like, tell me why. Was it making you feel bad? Was it expensive?” Dr. Parthasarathy says. “Please let me know what the problem was because sometimes there's a really easy solution.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Urmila Parthasarathy’s video biography to learn more about how she treats you as a “whole person.” You can make an appointment online or call 512-250-5571 to see Dr. Parthasarathy at ARC Anderson Mill.

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