Caring for Your Child From “Head to Toe”

Dr. Keerti Peterson partners with you to care for your child from “head to toe” during each well-child exam at ARC Cedar Park. She believes that pediatrics is a group approach: “Everyone really has to work together to make the healthiest choices for the patient.”

Care Through Illness and Wellness

“Taking care of [your child] when they're sick, but also help to guide their growth and development at every checkup” is Dr. Peterson’s goal as the pediatrician for your child, and in extension, your family.

A well-check exam is the opportunity for you and Dr. Peterson to focus on the ongoing physical, mental, and emotional development of your child to ensure they are growing and hitting milestones as expected.

As your child grows, they will “eventually make their own decisions about what they eat and how they exercise. As a pediatrician, I try to help them make these choices,” Dr. Peterson adds. “And help set them up for their future.”

Care Through the Growing Years

As your child grows, the relationship with your family’s pediatrician will also develop. Dr. Peterson uses this as a foundation for how to care for your child today and into the future.

“You have this background and this relationship with them that you can really rely on when you're helping to make those medical changes,” Dr. Peterson said. “When you see that kid's smiling face, when you make them feel better, see them develop into full-fledged adults with full-fledged personalities, it's pretty magical.”

Learn More

Watch Dr. Keerti Peterson’s video biography to learn more about how she cares for your child through illness and during wellness.

Meet Dr. Peterson

If you would like an appointment for your child with Dr. Peterson or you would like to meet her before the birth of your child:

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