Livemom - In the Community Summer Checklist Launch Party held its Summer Checklist Launch Party at the Whole Foods Downtown. The event was geared for families to come together and celebrate the coming summer months. As well as to offer summer activities to promote family health and well-being.

Weather leading up to the event was stormy and rainy but eventually cleared up enough in time for the event to go forward. The event was capped off by a performance by the kids band Koo Koo Kangaroo.

ARC Pediatricians Dr. Allison Ziari MD, Dr. Hana Zibdeh-Lough DO, & Polly Retz CPNP, RN were in attendance to enjoy the activities as well as greet the attendees. Overall the event was a huge success and the rain stayed away for the event to go off without a bang!

A special thanks to the providers that attended as well as Jessica Lachman, Patient Service Coordinator at ARC Seton Northwest and Erika Sloan, Customer Service Representative.

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