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What’s the Best Way to Protect Your Medical Records?

ARC Pediatrician Dr. Alan Rashid Provides Tips to KXAN-TV

When a medical practice in Taylor, Texas closed and patients reported that they were unable to retrieve their medical records, KXAN-TV investigated. They also reached out to Austin Regional Clinic to provide tips on how patients can make sure their medical records are accessible so this scenario doesn’t happen to them.

Said Dr. Alan Rashid, ARC Pediatrician, in an interview with KXAN-TV. “I think it’s always a good idea to keep a list of your records at home in one file for all the members of the family.”

Dr. Rashid also recommends finding a doctor with online portals. “It’s often an application on your phone or on the desktop computer where you can go in and see a list of your problems, medications, you can even get shot records.”

ARC Patients Are Connected 24/7

If you’re a patient at ARC, you have access to your medical records 24/7/365 through an online portal called MyChart. Patients can view and download information easily. Its benefits include:

  • View your test results and medications
  • View your personal health summary
  • Message your provider’s office
  • View & cancel appointments
  • Update your contact information
  • View & print immunization records
  • Manage your loved ones’ health care

When Online Portals Aren’t An Option

If your physician doesn’t not have an online portal for medical records, Dr. Rashid recommends keeping your medical information organized in a file, binder or even on a secure cloud drive where you can access it from anywhere.

He says there is some important information that you may want to have available at your fingertips at all times and not filed away. These include:

  • List of medications you take
  • List of your allergies
  • List of immunizations
  • List of medical symptoms, concerns, diagnoses
  • Family health history

See the complete story on KXAN-TV.

Learn more about the value of electronic medical records.

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