Austin Regional Clinic logo. ARC medical group serves nearly 20% of the Central Texas population with primary care and specialty care.

Renewing the ARC Logo with Comfort and Clarity

The ARC logo has a brand-new feel within the comfort of our traditional logo.

When you see our logo you may think of your child’s pediatrician who is always there for you, or the doctor who helps you manage your high blood pressure, or the nurse who always smiles warmly and takes the time to listen. Our logo reminds you of these experiences and of ARC’s sincere commitment to high-quality, accessible health care for you and the communities we serve.

Accessible, Reliable, Convenient

Our new logo emphasizes that A-R-C stands for accessible, reliable and convenient, as well as for Austin Regional Clinic. With the initials clearly defined in the cross, and our name boldly beside it, this new, clean logo identifies us in a much more clear and simple graphical format.

Innovations for Access

The new logo represents ARC’s innovative ways of offering you newer, more advanced ways to make access to great health care easier for you. It is important to us that you recognize this ease of access in every experience you have with us.

We hope you notice it when you go to an ARC doctor anywhere in our system who can view your lab results, x-rays, notes from previous visits, and basic healthy history in our electronic medical records.

We hope you spot it when you sign up for MyChart and find you can view your lab results, change your address and phone number, and make appointments with your doctor without having to wait for someone to respond to an e-mail or answer the phone.

We hope you to find it when you search online and discover that all the information you need is on our new web site and you can read it easily no matter what device you are using.

Finally, we hope you remember all of that whenever you look at our logo on our building, at a community event we sponsor, or on a letter you receive from us.
ARC has been your choice for health care for more than three decades.  Our logo represents our ongoing commitment to you.  

Enjoy our new look!

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