patient that went from fad to fab with the Ideal Protein weight loss program

From fad to fab

Denise never recognized the stress she felt when she was heavy until now. “It made me want to just stay inside and not go out because I didn't want anybody to see me every day,” she explains.

For years she had been trying to lose 80 pounds and describes herself as being a “lifetime member of every diet club in America.” She saw herself as being marginally successful because she was able to lose 40 pounds on a variety of different diets, but was stalled. She was frustrated about her weight and sensed it was impacting her self-esteem.

Finally, the diet program that sticks

When ARC introduced the ARC Healthiness program in January of 2019, Denise was one of our very first patients. She opted to go with Ideal Protein because it offered a combination of meal replacement products and real food every day.

What makes ARC Healthiness different from most other diet programs is a dedicated health guide for every patient. Denise met with her health guide weekly and talked about weekly challenges as well as new healthy food recipes.

The structured diet plan customized for her lifestyle combined with the personal support from the health guide made it easy for Denise and in her words, “the weight melts off.”

It’s about more than just weight

It’s been over a year since Denise lost those last stubborn 40 pounds and she’s been able to keep it off because ARC Healthiness helped her change her lifestyle. It’s now easy to go into her closet to choose an outfit and she now wants to go out to do things with her friends and family. She and her husband started taking long walks and she no longer has pain in her knees.

In fact, due to her success on the program her parents decided to try it too. They both found it easy to follow and her father who has Type 2 diabetes now uses a lot less insulin due to his weight loss.

ARC Healthiness is a lifestyle change and weight-loss program that includes full or with partial meal replacement plans and health guides to help you stay on track.


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