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Dr. Naik in Health Data Management: ARC Docs Pilot Wearable Tech to Improve the Patient Experience

"We are always looking to deploy new technologies that will allow our physicians to optimize their clinical and administrative workflows"

A new pilot program from ARC combines wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help doctors spend more face time with patients.

ARC Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Manish Naik recently spoke with Health Data Management, an industry resource for healthcare IT leaders, about how Apple Watches can improve the patient experience.

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Using technology to improve face time

Dr. Naik told HDM that the solution from Notable Health uses an Apple Watch to document physician-patient discussions and employs artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing software to parse the conversation down to its relevant pieces to accurately record the conversation in patient files.

“We are always looking to deploy new technologies that will allow our physicians to optimize their clinical and administrative workflows, resulting in overall better physician wellness and patient care. Notable Health’s platform brings together AI, wearable and voice interface technologies that will allow us over time to better use our existing IT systems, reduce strain on our physicians and improve the overall patient experience.”

Benefiting patients as well as doctors

During in-office visits, doctors will use the Apple Watch to capture audio during and after the visit, and data will be automatically structured and entered into the correct EHR fields, ensuring zero workflow interruption.

Doctors, Naik added, spend lots of time interacting with computers and at Austin Regional Clinic, and “we want them to spend more time with patients.”

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