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Bathing after giving birth

This recent article on addresses one question that many patients might have--when is it safe for me to bathe after giving birth? The answer is, “it depends!” Several Ob/Gyns, including Romy Ghosh, MD, Ob/Gyn at ARC North Austin Ob/Gyn, give their expert advice on this topic.

The article breaks down bathing for patients by baths and showers, and by vaginal delivery versus cesarean delivery. Dr. Ghosh tackles the topic of showering after birth.

When is it ok to shower?

  • Vaginal delivery. “Generally, after a vaginal birth, a person can take a shower as soon as they are able to stand,” says Dr. Ghosh. “If you had an epidural, we recommend waiting until the pain medication has worn off to ensure that you can safely stand up on your own. (We do not want you to fall and injure yourself!)” Ghosh added in her comments, “A shower the day after delivery can be helpful in reducing the pain when removing the bandages over the cesarean incision.”
  • Cesarean delivery. “After cesarean birth, we usually have our patients wait until the next morning before taking a shower,” says Dr. Ghosh. “A shower the day after delivery can be helpful in reducing the pain when removing the bandages over the cesarean incision. Always make sure to talk to your healthcare provider about how to properly care for your incision.” Do not try to scrub the incision area, as Dr. Ghosh further explains, and simply let the soapy water wash over it.

Learn more about bathing after birth in the full article.

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