MedicareCompareUSA feedback from patients like you

I recently qualified for Medicare and found all the choices very confusing. I met with Jim Archer, a Medicare specialist, endorsed by ARC and all the anxiety disappeared. He is very knowledgeable and educated me in all things Medicare. I would give Jim my highest recommendation!

I recently had the opportunity to work with Jim Archer with Medicare Compare/USA when transitioning into Medicare. Mr Archer did an excellent job of explaining the different medicare options and helping me to choose which plan was the best for me and would enable me to keep my current ARC doctors.

I was contacted by Jim Archer, an independent Medicare Broker who represents ARC. Jim Archer was wonderful as he explained to me the difficult options one can choose enrolling in Medicare. His advise is priceless. I would have made a big mistake enrolling in a plan that would not have been beneficial to my specific situation. Mr. Archer is extremely knowledgeable and very patient answering numerous questions. Thank you ARC for contracting with such dedicated and smart people who can convey their knowledge in simple language to people like me.