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COVID-19 boosters for 65+ and at-risk

The CDC recommends boosters for those over 65, those at elevated risk, and those with occupational risk.

Beginning this week, ARC will prioritize appointments for COVID-19 vaccine boosters to:

  • Immune compromised who have completed initial vaccination at least 28 days ago.
  • Those who completed their initial vaccination at least 6 months ago and meet the below criteria:
    • Age 65 and over; or
    • Anyone at increased risk for severe COVID-19 (individuals with cancer, lung disease, diabetes, pregnancy, Down’s syndrome, kidney disease, smoking, dementia, and more; or
    • Anyone with increased risk of occupational exposure to COVID-19 – including but not limited to healthcare workers, first responders, and teachers.

COVID-19 is a preventable disease. All of the approved U.S. vaccines are extremely effective in protecting against severe illness, hospitalization, and death.

Visit ARCCovidVaccine.com or call 866-453-4525 to book your vaccination.


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Be a flu fighter. Book your flu shot online.

Flu shots are available at all ARC primary care and Ob/Gyn clinics. Due to popular demand we brought back drive-thru flu shots at some locations, depending on staff availability. Learn more or book your flu shot online at ARCflushot.com.


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Need a COVID test for ACL? Book ahead.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival will take place over two weekends in October and the city requires attendees to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. If you are going to ACL, or anywhere else, you can access proof of vaccination or negative COVID test result from your MyChart app on your phone. You can also book online for a rapid molecular test, known as the RT-PCR test, which normally provides results within 1-2 days. Two easy ways to book:

  1. Book at ARC MyChart if you already have an account.
  2. Book at ARCCovidTest.com if you are new to ARC or do not have an ARC MyChart account.


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Lactation Services at ARC Center Street in Kyle

ARC has partnered with The Breastfeeding Success Company (BFS) to offer lactation support services at ARC Center Street in Kyle. BFS is a local group of board-certified lactation consultants, NICU registered dietitians, and childbirth educators.  It is Central Texas’ largest provider of lactation care and, parent education classes. Lactation support is a covered benefit many parents don’t realize they have. Breastfeeding Success services are in-network with all major insurers. See all the services available.


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New pharmacy service and name for eMD Access 

ARC’s subscription telemedicine service, eMD access, has added more conveniences for all users. With pharmacy services by Capsule, eMD Access users can receive same-day home delivery of their prescription medications within a two-hour window during Capsule delivery hours, depending on delivery address. Capsule offers same-day delivery seven days a week. In addition, eMD Access will launch a new name and new look in October to honor ARC’s Founding CEO Dr. Norman Chenven.  Find out more on eMDAccess.com.


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When your health plan says your doctor is out of network

Have you received a notice from your health plan informing you that your ARC doctor is not in network, but you still see your plan listed on our web site? It may be a technical error by the health plan.

If your doctor is listed as seeing patients at ARC AND your health plan is listed as effective for this year at ARCinsuranceinfo.com, then your ARC doctor is in network with your health insurance plan. If you receive such a letter and have doubts, you can call 512-ARC-INFO (512-272-4636).