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3 tips to select the right insurance or Medicare plan

The open enrollment period for many health and Medicare insurance plans has begun. It can be overwhelming to choose the plan with the medical and prescription coverage you need, keep your ARC doctor, and save money.

Check out these three tips to help you choose the right plan for you. Read More.

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Quicker refills

Did you know it’s quicker to send requests for prescription refills directly to your pharmacy? Sending refill requests via MyChart often slows the refill process as our staff still has to contact the pharmacy. When you go straight to the pharmacy, they will notify your doctor directly and let you know if you need to come in for an appointment.

Use MyChart to schedule appointments, view test results, check-in online, and more. Check out more MyChart tips that can save you time.

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Time for a healthy you

ARC Healthiness offers personalized weight-loss plans and support to help you reach your health and activity goals. Free, introductory educational seminars are available for anyone interested in learning about meal-replacement plans or bariatric surgery.

Visit ARCHealthiness.com to learn more or call 512-483-9595 to reserve a spot.

Your Child’s ‘Good Health’ Visit

Renew your skin

ARC Cosmetic Dermatology now offers several new procedures to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin as well as easily remove tattoos and unwanted hair.

Schedule a free consultation to learn about the safe, affordable, and effective cosmetic services. Read more.

Your Child’s ‘Good Health’ Visit

Talk about vaping

Vaping is under federal scrutiny as more cases of vaping-associated lung illnesses and even deaths are occurring. Research from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that parents overall have the greatest influence when it comes to tobacco use.ARC Chief of Pediatrics Mai Duong, MD, urges parents to discourage vaping now. Read More.

Your Child’s ‘Good Health’ Visit

Watch for fraud calls

Is that call legitimate or fraud? Be aware of common scams.

Austin Regional Clinic will call you to remind you about appointments or to confirm who your primary care physician is. We will not request personal information, such as social security number, date of birth, bank account or other private information over the phone or email. Questions about a phone call or email from ARC? Contact us at 512-ARC-INFO (512-272-4636). Read More.