Need Medical Advice at Midnight? Access an ARC Doctor 24/7/365

Coming soon! Access an ARC doctor online anytime from anywhere with eMD Access. Read More

Making It Easier to Book an Appointment Online

Introducing new ways to book appointments online and more, so you can take care of those “to dos” whenever you have time. Read More

Hearing: Loss is More Treatable, Aids Less Noticeable

It’s the holiday season, the perfect time to enjoy the chatter of family and friends. If you’re feeling left out, read the stories of how our hearing aid patients reconnected. Read More

It's Enrollment Time, Update Your New Info Online

You can now update your insurance information online, anytime at Read More

Give Us Feedback Real-Time in the Exam Room

We put “Survey Tablets” in your hands so you can give us real-time feedback while you’re in the exam room. Read More

Appointment Reminders via Text

Coming soon you will receive appointment reminders via text, if your cell phone number is registered with us. We're excited to make reminders easier for you to receive.