Peer and Patient Reviews

Holding our physicians, nurses and staff to professional standards of medical care is our quality commitment to you. Their performances, and your satisfaction, are monitored on a regular basis through peer review, patient surveys, focus groups and the information you share with us during and after appointments.

Medical Education Continued

ARC doctors, nurses and staff regularly participate in continuing medical education programs to maintain and strengthen their skills. Pursuing these learning opportunities with knowledgeable professionals from across the country, inspires our healthcare providers to bring medicine’s latest advancements such as robotic and incision free surgery, 4-D imagery, infusion therapies and other innovative services to ARC and you.

Best Practices

ARC’s physicians practice evidence-based medicine to make the most informed decisions about your care. This method promises our patients that our providers use available scientific research when managing their healthcare needs.

Customer Service

ARC’s customer service is friendly, supportive, professional and smart. Whether retooling our website to respond to your mobile devices, or updating it to offer you the latest in patient information and personal healthcare management, we are online and on the phone for you. Contact us here or call 512-ARC-INFO (512-272-4636)512-272-4636. To continue improving our customer service, your phone calls to ARC may be monitored for quality assurance and/or training purposes.