Laura M. and Alicyn M.

Laura M. and Alicyn M.

Dr. William Getman, Pediatrics

When her daughter Alicyn was born, new mom Laura was nervous about picking a pediatrician and was prepared to interview several candidates. She called Dr. William Getman, ARC Pediatrics, and spoke to his nurse, Brenda. “I didn’t even need to talk to him. I knew by Brenda’s description of him that he would be right doctor for my children.”

Seven years later, Laura is happy with her decision. “Dr. Getman is a parent, too, so he knows what we’re going through,” she says. “He explains everything to us in a down-to-earth way and he has been supportive even when we chose to explore alternative therapies.”

As a baby, Alicyn had recurring ear infections and Dr. Getman recommended ear tubes. “I was panicked about the surgery,” Laura recalls. She took Alicyn to a craniosacral therapist instead of pursuing the surgery route. Alicyn has had only one ear infection since and Dr Getman was pleased, “I don’t know what you did, but it worked,” he said.

Laura is grateful that Dr. Getman was “so open” to her non-surgical solution. “Another doctor might have pushed me harder to do the surgery right away,” she says.

Laura’s second child, Jaxon, was born three weeks early and developed jaundice when he was less than a week old. Jaxon needed a special ultraviolet treatment that is usually performed in the hospital.

Laura was distraught at the thought of little Jaxon being admitted to the hospital. Dr. Getman told Laura not to worry—Brenda would “see what she could do.”

“They really went the extra mile for us,” Laura says, “It was a holiday weekend and Brenda called every place in town looking for the portable ‘tanning bed’ that we needed to give Jaxon treatments at home.” Brenda’s search was successful and Jackson was able to recover at home.

Alicyn and Jaxon, now 7 and 2, adore Dr. Getman who regularly “takes the time to connect and relate to them.” “At Alicyn’s last well check physical, he even asked her about Justin Bieber!” Laura says. That scored big points with Alicyn who has “Bieber fever.”

Over the past seven years, Dr. Getman and ARC have consistently come through for Laura. “When I call Dr. Getman, it is always him—not a nurse—that calls me back,” she says. Likewise, Laura has been satisfied with the 24/7 care available with through the ARC all-night phone nurse . “A couple of times I had to call ARC at 3 AM,” Laura adds, “and even that was a good experience!”