Janet B.

Janet B.

Dr. Paul Bushart, Obstetrics & Gynecology (Ob/Gyn)

I have never had a negative experience at ARC. I have no complaints. They should be proud.

Janet B. has been a happy ARC patient since 1981, the year after ARC opened. She is pleased with the wonderful doctors, the great nurses, and the fantastic service she consistently receives at Austin Regional Clinic. “They always return my phone calls, answer my questions and call me if things are running late.”

Janet’s first ARC doctor was Dr. Norman Chenven, Austin Regional Clinic founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Selfishly, I was sorry to lose him as a doctor,” Janet says. “He was a wonderful doctor and I felt very comfortable with him.”

“When I first met Dr. Chenven, he was formal and proper,” Janet recalls. “He wore a suit and tie but I remember being surprised because he wore sneakers!”

In 1982, Janet woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in her chest. The ARC on-call doctor asked her questions, told her that she wasn’t having a heart attack, and instructed her to go to ARC in the morning.

When she got to Dr. Chenven’s office, the desk staff said, “Janet! We have been expecting you.” Janet laughs, “At the time, I was unsure if that was good or bad,” she says.

The chest pain recurred about 4-5 times over the following years. “Dr. Chenven and I had an ongoing playful argument about what it was. I said it was stress. He said it was a medical condition.” As it turned out, Janet had a medical condition—a muscle spasm—brought on by stress.

Dr. Cheven no longer sees patients, but does maintain his physician’s license in order to stay up-to-date with the medical field. Instead, Janet sees other physicians in the ARC family.

Janet lights up when she talks about ARC Ob/Gyn Dr. Paul Bushart, who has she has been seeing since 1986. “He always greets me with a big hug and a smile. In terms of bedside manner, he is the best of the lot,” she says. “He should teach other doctors how to relate to patients.”

Janet recalls a time when she was scheduled for gynecological surgery. “My mother came from out of town and we went to dinner the night before the surgery,” she said. “When we got home, there was a message from Dr. Bushart saying my latest tests had come out normal and he was canceling the surgery. He left his home number in case I had questions.”

Janet was thrilled that the surgery was cancelled but almost equally thrilled because, “I never had a doctor give me his home number before!”

A few years later, Janet got engaged and began having “female trouble” again. After much discussion, she and Dr. Bushart decided that a hysterectomy was the best course of action.

While Janet was in surgery, her future husband, future mother-in-law, and sister waited in the recovery room. They later told Janet that Dr. Bushart came running into the room, jumped on the bed and announced that all had gone well and that Janet was doing fine. He then got serious and answered all of their questions.

According to Janet, “After that, my mother-in-law kept asking, ‘Why can’t I have a doctor like Dr. Bushart?’”

Janet explains that what makes Dr. Bushart so special is his ability to be joyful and bubbly at times and also “serious” and “rock solid” when needed. “Deciding to have a hysterectomy is a big deal. You don’t make that decision lightly. He was all business, explaining the options, giving me thorough information, and answering all of my questions.”

“Now when I see Dr. Bushart,” Janet says, “there are always hugs and a big exchange of information. He asks about my family and my dogs and I ask about his family. After all, I have known this guy for 25 years!”

Janet who has been wearing hearing aids since she was a child, also “adores” her ARC Audiologist, Kathryn Jones. Janet explains that people have to learn how to hear with hearing aids. “It is different than natural hearing,” she says. She admires Ms. Jones’ ability to stay very calm and work with her patients on learning this new way of hearing.

Janet currently sees Dr. Michael Prete in the ARC Internal Medicine department, as her primary care physician. She has found him to be “patient, kind, and very easy to talk to,” and appreciates the help she has received from him over the past few years. “Dr. Prete and his nurse Barbara helped me through very difficult emotional times while my mother was sick,” Janet says.

Janet feels that “ARC should be proud of what they have achieved.” She cites findings that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to create good feelings after just one negative customer experience. “I have never had a negative experience at ARC,” she says. “I have no complaints. They should be proud.”