Julia T.

Julia T.

Dr. Kevin O’Farrell, ARC General Surgery

Dr. O’Farrell’s selfless dedication took me from a dark, painful, dreadful state of being to a brighter place of hope, joy, peace, and blessed relief.

In May 2009, Julia T. was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is cancer-free. She wakes up each morning filled with appreciation for her recovery.

Julia wrote this note below to express her gratitude to Dr. Kevin O’Farrell with ARC General Surgery:

My doctor saved my life. His selfless dedication to the science of healing coupled with an innate sense of caring took me from a dark, painful, dreadful state of being to a brighter place of hope, joy, peace, and blessed relief.

Thank you, Dr. Kevin O’Farrell. While those words don’t seem like enough, just know that the most gratitude I can express to you is simply in living my life, which you have given back to me.

Now my story:

In May 2009, I received abnormal results from my mammogram screening and breast ultrasound. My family doctor referred me to Dr. Kevin O’Farrell who quickly performed a biopsy and found that I had a fast-growing breast cancer. The news was devastating. I was scared and began to cry. It felt like the whole world was crashing down on me—like this was the end of my life.

Dr. O’Farrell made me feel confident and optimistic by taking the time to thoroughly explain my surgical options. He assured me that he would remove the cancer and left the final decision to me with regard to the extent of the surgery.

At first I was scheduled for outpatient surgery, but Dr. O’Farrell was caring enough to ask whether there would be anyone at home to take care of me after the surgery. When I told him I would be at home by myself, he decided to keep me in the hospital overnight. This made me feel much more at ease.

After my surgery I had a lot of fear and insecurity and I cried a lot, but early the next morning Dr. O’Farrell came in to check on me. His care and concern for me deeply touched my heart. Just talking and listening to him had the power to calm me down. I felt very peaceful and safe knowing that he had just saved my life by eradicating a dangerous cancer from my body.

At my follow-up visit to his office, Dr. O’Farrell told me that the cancer I had runs in families and urged that all of my sisters go for check-ups. I am very grateful for this. Thanks to his advice, one of my sisters found out that she had breast cancer. It was still in the early stages and her life was saved, too, thanks to Dr. O’Farrell.

In May 2010, my mammogram showed a suspicious cluster of calcification. Within an hour of the test Dr. O’Farrell called to tell me that I needed to have a stereotactic biopsy. I read on the Internet that this was a painful procedure that required a highly skilled doctor and could take hours to perform. I was scared and shaken and suffered anxiety before the procedure but thanks to his professionalism and skill, Dr. O’Farrell removed 15 microscopic calcium deposits in less than 30 minutes. They were all benign.

I must mention the wonderful experiences I always have during my visits to the clean and pleasant facilities at Austin Regional Clinic. Whenever I call or need anything, the staff always responds promptly. Best of all, the nurses and other staff are very friendly and never fail to make me feel like family.

I am now a very happy person again and feel much healthier than ever before. I have a renewed and positive outlook on life due to the excellent care of Dr. O’Farrell and the staff at ARC.

Sincerely, Julia T.