Jana E.

Jana E.

Dr. James Hull, Internal Medicine

I really want to convey my gratitude to Dr. James Hull. Over twenty years and through various health issues, he has proven to be caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I have all the trust in the world in Dr. Hull.

Jana met Dr. James Hull, ARC Internal Medicine, twenty years ago. Her late husband, Marvin, who was already Dr. Hull’s patient, began having heart problems. Dr. Hull was so compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional that Jana decided to become his patient as well. Next thing they knew, Marvin had to be scheduled for a complicated and risky aortal transplant. Dr. Hull helped Jana and Marvin through this difficult period. He went “above and beyond” his job by always making himself available to talk to the couple about Marvin’s condition and his progress.

Marvin recovered from the heart surgery but a few years later, a lung x-ray showed a worrisome result. Dr. Hull was at lunch when Marvin arrived at his office. He cut his lunch short to sit down with Marvin and talk about the x-ray. Marvin was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Jana described what followed as “a real rollercoaster ride.” Over the next three weeks Marvin had to see specialist after specialist. Jana is grateful to Dr. Hull for making the process as smooth and as easy as possible. He set them up with experts in the field and made sure they would get appointments immediately. When he saw Marvin, he always took his time, was compassionate, and showed the couple that he truly cared. To Jana, it felt like “we were his family.”

Marvin spent the next 14 months living at home under Jana’s care. “It was important to Marvin to be as independent as possible,” Jana explained. During that time, she often called Dr. Hull to consult with him about Marvin’s symptoms. Dr. Hull always made time for her telephone calls and to see Marvin, even at the last minute. On Christmas Day 2000, Marvin’s health deteriorated and he was admitted to the hospital. He passed away in early January 2001.

Dr. Hull has continued to be a source of support and strength for Jana. “He really cares,” she said. “When I went in after Marvin died, he wanted to know how I was dealing with my grief and what I was doing to take care of myself.”

Over the years, Jana has stopped seeing her Ob/Gyn and other specialists, trusting Dr. Hull to be her main healthcare provider. “He is just so knowledgeable. He always knows exactly what the problem is and what I should do,” she said.

Recently, Jana had her own health scare when her mammogram screening showed a suspicious mass. This was a very trying time for Jana who has lost her sister and other family members to breast cancer. Dr Hull was very sensitive to her feelings. “He stayed calm,” said Jana, “and that helped me to stay calm.” Thankfully, her biopsy was benign.

Over twenty years and various health issues, Jana has never felt rushed by Dr. Hull. “I know he must have a full schedule and patients waiting, but when I am in his office I feel like his first patient and his only patient,” Jana said. “I am so glad I teamed up with him twenty years ago."