Brad F.

Brad F.

Dr. Donald Brode, Family Medicine

Dr. Brode never fails to take the time to soothe my soul. I feel a real kinship and a real partnership between us.

Brad F. has been a patient of ARC for so long that he remembers when ARC South was brand new. “In all that time,” he says, “there has not been one instance when I received less then stellar care.”

About nine years ago, Brad began seeing Dr. Donald BrodeARC Family Medicine, as his primary care physician. And though Brad has appreciated all of his ARC doctors, he feels particularly lucky to have found Dr. Brode, who “tops them all.”

Because of health concerns, Brad sees Dr. Brode for regular visits and blood work several times a year. When he forgets to make an appointment, he receives a telephone call from Dr. Brode’s nurse, Lauren, reminding him. “They keep track of me. I don’t get lost,” Brad says.

Brad has built a relationship with Dr. Brode over the years. He appreciates the time Dr. Brode takes to build rapport during each and every office visit. Before discussing health concerns, Dr. Brode makes sure to ask Brad what is going on in his life. Brad has never felt rushed and this diffuses some of the anxiety that Brad might otherwise feel about doctor visits. “Dr. Brode is a genuinely nice guy and he connects with me at a very personal level. He never fails to take the time to soothe my soul.” Dr. Brode has even called Brad at home on weekends to check on him and make sure he is doing okay.

Brad is awed by Dr. Brode’s knowledge in his specialty areas. He always has a wealth of information about drug interactions and the latest findings with regard to Brad’s health concerns. “He has so much knowledge in his head I don’t know why it doesn’t explode,” Brad jokes. He appreciates the way Dr. Brode always lays out options, allowing Brad to make informed choices. Brad’s ability to actively participate in his own healthcare decisions is very comforting to him. “I feel a real kinship and partnership between us,” he says.